Cygnus – Revisited

Last night I managed to test my new CLS-CCD EOS clip filter on my modded 350D.

With a fantastically clear sky although pretty well moon lit I setup my ETX105EC which I piggybacked the 350D to.  The ETX105 does not serve itself well to imaging deep sky objects because of its very slow optics being f/14 however the setup is ideal for guiding and imaging with something else.  This time I did not do any guiding  as I wanted to see what length of exposure I could get without.  Attached to the 350D I had the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens which I stopped down to f/7.1.  I discovered that I could easily capture 3min exposures at ISO 400 with no trailing at all,  the low ISO was chosen as I wanted less sensor noise created from the higher gain of ISO 800 & 1600.

In this image you can clearly see the North America Nebula and also a very small Cresent Nebula.

The Image is a composite of 9 x 3 minute subs with dark, flat and bias frames these were calibrated and stacked in Maxim and after a little stretching in Photoshop this is my very satisfying result.

Cygnus - North America Nebula

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