Observing in Woolston.

Recently I have spent a little time getting a basic imaging setup sorted out so that I am able to use one of my smaller telescopes as a guide scope for when I wish to image using my modified Canon 350D for wide field imaging using only camera lenses.

Tonight is going to be a particularly interesting first attempt as recently alot of the street lighting has been changed to the new apparently low emission lighting around Woolston, also the Itchen Bridge has only just commissioned it’s new lighting which is from what I believe to be a low energy blue led light. Usually when looking toward the direction of the bridge although I can’t actually see the bridge from my back garden you can see the typical sodium glow, last night I looked to see what the difference is and I could see nothing no glow whatsoever.

Tonight is the first clear night in a long time and with no moon as such I thought it definitely worth while giving my new imaging setup a go.

I will be back later with hopefully some promising results I don’t really want to moan at the council and tell them they have made the night sky worse than it was.

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